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Finding Hope This Christmas!!!

2020 has been quite a year. Disease and social distress has tested the hope or many

Making it worse our time to meet and pray together has been seriously impacted and limited by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Join other membes of the parish and Deacon Michael for a three session reflection series on the virtue of "Hope" in preparation for Christmas!!

This will be a read/reflect/discuss format.

The text we will be using is "Hope: An Anchor In Today's World" by Janet Schaeffler OP 

Participation is easy if you do the following


Step 1: Order the text. E-versions of the book are available for only $3.95 directly from Little Rock Scripture at the following link:

There are e-versions available as a PDF for all Macs and PC's as well all major electronic reader formats such as Kindle, Nook etc. If you would rather use a paper version of the text you can order it at this link as well for $7.95 plus shipping. If you order a PDF version of the book you can print it at home yourself. It's 40 pages over three weeks. If ordering a paper version of the text please do so no later than Tuesday Novermber 24th in order to make sure that it arrives in time for you to prepare for our first session on 12/7.

Step 2: Email Deacon Michael directly at [email protected] to register for the online sessions. This will put you in the list for an e-invite to our sessions on ZOOM each Monday, December 7, 14 and 21.

Step 3: Prior to our first meeting at 7:00 PM on Monday December 7th read through first chapter of the text "Flowing from Our Praise of God" and think about the questions the author poses.  These will be the basis of our disscussion each week. 

Please contact Deacon Michael at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Please join us!!!






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