Bible Study




Israelites Leaving Egypt


Easter Bible Study: 

“God to the Rescue - The Story of Exodus”

Registration deadline April 6th


No prior experience with bible study is required.

All are welcome..(even friends and family that aren’t parishioners!!’) 

Participating is EASY!!!    


Step 1 - REGISTER: Email Deacon Michael at [email protected] to register NO LATER MIDNIGHT TUESDAY APRIL 6th in order to facilitate book ordering and delivery. Also, this will put you on the list for a ZOOM invitation to our online sessions starting Wednesday April 21st. 

Step 2 - BOOK ORDER:  The text will be our sessions “Exodus - God to the Rescue” by Jeanne Kun, published by Loyola Press.

Based on your registration email Deacon Michael will be placing a book order for you with Loyola Press.  Books will be available for you to pick up at both churches at Mass times during  the weekend of April 17-18.  Payment can be offered at that time. (You need not attend Mass at that time to get your text, though all entering the churches at that time may be required to wear face coverings due to COVID -19 protocols effective for Mass attendance at that time.) 

This text is not available in any e-reader format and so it is best to order this text through Deacon Michael, so be sure to get your registration e-mail to Deacon Michael before the April 6th deadline.  

Step 3: PREPARE: Read the Introduction “”Israel’s Deliverance -And Ours” as well as Chapter 1 “Hard Times” prior to April 21st.

Note how you might answer the questions offered for thinking and discussion in Chapter 1.

Step 4: ATTEND: Respond to your ZOOM invitation coming your way and join in the discussion from the comfort of your home on Wednesday April 21st at 7:00 PM.  

Any questions e-mail Deacon Michael at [email protected]

We hope that you will join us!!! 


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