Prison Ministry

Saint Josephine Bakhita Parish

Love In Action Prison Ministry

I was in prison and you visited me…



Chair Person: Gerti W. Laesser, Co-Chair Person: Bonnie Morassini

Newsletter Editor: Gerti W Laesser



Because we have experienced the love of God ourselves, we want to put our love in action by sharing the Good News of Christ with our brothers and sisters in prison. The prison ministry has currently 5 active members who visit 2 different prisons: MacDougall and Cheshire. We use scripture readings to open up an opportunity for the inmates to share their faith and encourage each other on their daily walk. We also publish a newsletter called “Heartbeat” which is being sent to prisoners on death row and correctional institutions all over the country. We have received many heartwarming responses from the recipients who have shared with us how uplifting those words of hope are for them. Our newsletter is called “Heartbeat” because we are all only a heartbeat away from God and one another.

Needs/Opportunities: We are very much in need of people who are willing to share Christ’s love by visiting prisoners, writing to inmates, contributing articles/poems for our newsletter. Commitment Required: Our visits to prison are either on a monthly or weekly basis. Our newsletter is published four times a year and we mail out about 1160 copies for each edition. Ministering to those in prison has been a very rewarding and lifegiving experience for all of us and has deepened our own faith.

For more information on how to participate in this fulfilling ministry, please contact Gerti Laesser at [email protected]