Mass Cards

  *   Are available for deceased and living
  *   The donation is $5.

Mass Intentions

  *   Come to the parish office during Regular office hours to book a Mass.
  *   For weekday Masses the donation is $10.
  *   For Saturday, Sunday & Holy Day Masses the donation is $15. 
  *   Donations must be received at the time of booking.

New Parishioners

  *   Please register as a parishioner by visiting the parish office during regular business hours, getting form from the website or calling the office at (860) 529-8655.

Sponsor Certificates
  *  For sponsor certificates, call or visit the office

  *  To schedule a baptism, please call the parish office at (860) 529 8655.

Parish Center Rental Info
  *  For Parish Rental Information, please contact the Carrie Silvia in the Office at (860) 529 8655

Questions concerning Marriage Preparation should be directed to the pastor.

What time is Mass?
* Read through the Mass Schedule How do I become a Catholic?
* See the RCIA page for more information. For inquiries regarding Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA),
* please call the pastor. I'd like to be more involved in the parish. What can I do?
* Sign up for a Ministry.