Funeral Liturgy


Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet for St. James    

Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet for St. Elizabeth Seton


The Word of God is a source of encouragement and consolation for the faithful of God.

 In our tradition we recognize that readings from the scripture are not just readings, still less just words, but really prayers. When the Scriptures are proclaimed in church, when we gather for prayer, Jesus himself is sacramentally present. Even when we read these readings to ourselves privately we are invited to listen for the voice of the Lord of Life.

We have a variety of the readings which are approved for use at Catholic funerals services. This is provided to assist people preparing for a funeral service. But it can also serve as a source of spiritual reading in the days and weeks that follow the funeral service. 

It is most natural to return in prayer to those readings used at the service itself, to continue to draw nourishment from them. But there is much to learn and much to gain from the other readings here also.

The following is the order of the Mass readings and a link to the selections for each:


First Reading--Old Testament

Second Reading--New Testament

Gospel Reading

Prayer of the Faithful

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