Chapter 6 - My Peace I Give You - 6th Questions for Careful Reading

Was Thomas’s skepticism (20:25) well-founded? Why or why not?


  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/30/20

    My sense is that Thomas’s skepticism was warranted. Even if he believed Mary and Peter et all about the tomb, he could have remained skeptical that the disciples had seen the Lord again in a locked room, where he “just appeared” to them. It would be “natural” to be skeptical about this as many remain today. Historically, some have attributed these “appearances” to a group hysteria. The traditional response to that allegation is that subsequently the apostles risked their lives, families and Jewish faith by their insistence on the reality of these events and that people do not take such risks based in “hysteria”. Some have felt that it was easier for the disciples that had seen Jesus "in the flesh" to believe in the Resurrection and what followed since. Do you think that's true?