Chapter 6 - My Peace I Give You - 6th Questions for Application

What incident in the readings from John's gospel in these six sessions has made the deepest impression on you? What makes it so important for you? How might it play a part in your life and your prayer?


  • John & DeenaPosted on 4/01/20

    For me, it was the Last Supper, where Jesus provides a way for us to consecrate our communion with Him, and also his "Peace be with you," which to me is an offer of the glory of God's peace that is but a reflection of what we will experience in heaven; for Deena, she enjoyed getting to know the Holy Trinity and revitalizing her faith in general, knowing that God loves us is indeed the Good News.

  • Dcn Michael WardPosted on 3/31/20

    I have said this elsewhere before in providing answers to questions in previous chapters. The most meaningful passages for me wherein Jesus' words to his disciples at the Last Supper reminding them that it is father's house there are many dwelling places and that he was going before them to prepare a place for them so that where he is going they may one day be. These are the words that give the disciples the confidence and lack of fear enables them to love one another as Jesus loved them and also for us to love one another as Jesus loves us. It seems to me that this is the fundamental message of the Gospels. we are free from slavery to the fear of death and so free to love. I find this very meaningful in that this is exactly the reading that I share with people when doing vigil prayers for the deceased at wake services on the night before the funeral mass for and burial of their loved ones. These words are incredibly powerful. being able to offer them is a tremendous privilege of Grace for me.

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