Chapter 6 - My Peace I Give You - 2nd Questions for Careful Reading

Compare Jesus burial clothes (20:5-7) to Lazarus (11:44). What are the differences? What might be the significance of these differences? (More than one explanation is possible) 


  • Margarita FelicianoPosted on 4/01/20

    Lazarus comes out still wrapped but Jesus wants us fully alive and free. Sin and dead are like those cloths that bind and tied us.

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/30/20

    The burial clothes of Lazarus are still wrapped around him, still “bind” him, maybe symbolically connoting that Lazarus is still bound by death and would one day die like everyone else. The burial clothes of Jesus are empty as his body has not been just “resuscitated” but “raised” transcending beyond death, not just returning to physical life. Also, the account of the burial clothes etc is a counter to the notion that Jesus’ body disappeared through grave robbery.