Chapter 6 - My Peace I Give You - 1st Questions for Application

Which person in this reading do you identify with the most? Why?


  • Margarita FelicianoPosted on 4/01/20

    I think I would have identified with Mary, weeping and don't recognizing Him until He called my name. I know sometimes I'm looking for Jesus bigs signs but missing the little things He is showing He is with me.

  • John & DeenaPosted on 4/01/20

    We might be getting too familiar but both Deena and I independently said Mary; me, because she goes through a range of emotions and, for Deena, because she relates to the difficulties in giving up physical presence/relation after death.

  • Dcn Michael WardPosted on 3/31/20

    I think that I would have identified with Simon Peter. After what I heard from Mary Magdalene I would have had to go and see for myself. I just would have. Not that I wouldn’t believe a woman, I wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me such a thing. Its definitely outside the lines enough to make me want to see for myself.