Chapter 5 - My Peace I give to You - 4th Questions for Application

Have you ever seen a bond develop between people who go through suffering together (for example, sharing the care of a sick relative or friend)? What have you learned from this?


  • Kathy KPosted on 3/28/20

    My sister is going through a very difficult illness right now. It is not coronavirus. It began before that. It was similar symptoms. She developed a fever and sore throat then pneumonia and then sepsis which damaged some of her organs. It’s going to be a very long recovery. In order to help keep her spirits up my family started a scripture project for. Every day one member of family puts out an email to her and the rest of family. In it is a scripture verse and personal reflection that has helped that person through difficult times. Some of us live in different states than my sister so it is a way to stay close. This has brought our whole family so much closer together. It has truly been amazing. And now with everyone being in “lockdown mode” it has been that much more special.
    God is truly amazing.

  • Betty CatelliPosted on 3/28/20

    My family is communicating more during this crsis than we have in years. I have seen bonding and support taking place among teenagers when a classmate died, and among homeless people sharing their few resources. It sometimes takes suffering to get to our true humanity.

  • bobmPosted on 3/25/20

    Look at what's occurring right now! Bonds being re-attached, despite differences or distances. . Hopefully for the long term. What will it take to remind us to not be afraid to take a chance and share this love all the time, not just during blizzards, wars and pandemics?

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/25/20

    At the hospital I volunteer at that I mentioned above I have seen several instances of people with several physical, and some mental, impairments develop a certain type of strong friendship with each other, admittedly bound by these realities. They share friendship and affection and care for each other much as you and I would, but they also understand something of each other’s plight to a degree and depth that you and I would cannot because we do not share their experiences and limitations. It is not up to me to judge the “worthiness” or the “value” of such lives. It is to love and support them.

  • John & DeenaPosted on 3/25/20

    Deena found a dear friend during the time of her husband's passing, which was a difficult experience and one where she was feeling alone. The gift of friendship cannot be undervalued, and there's motivation to be a good friend to others.

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