Chapter 5 - My Peace I give to You - 3rd Questions for Application

How have you experienced God’s love in the midst of suffering? How has this affected your view of life and God?


  • PattyPosted on 3/27/20

    I have experienced God’s love in the midst of my suffering when I was on the “infertility road” for 17 years. I love children and wanted a family of my own. I was depressed and heartbroken when year after year I was denied this privilege. In the midst of my pain, on a day that I had stopped into church to just sit before the Lord, God spoke to my heart. He told me that he loved me, that He had not forgotten me. He said He did have a plan for my life that he could not reveal to me at that time. He encouraged me to carry on. Well, the truth is that shortly after that encounter, I did start my family by adopting my son and then I had two biological daughters in the following years. These events have taught me a lot about the Goodness of God and that He does have a plan for each of our lives. Initially, I was angry at God, but I have learned that God’s timing is Perfect.

  • Kathy KPosted on 3/26/20

    When I have been at the depths of suffering - even though I may not always be able to feel God’s presence in a tangible way- still in my heart I know He is with me, and we are traveling this road together. I find the more I am able to embrace this cross and thank Him for it - the easier I can endure it and be able to offer it up as prayer for someone else who is suffering. Of course it is not an easy task and sometimes I fail. But God always picks me up and invites me to try again. He is so good- all the time.

  • bobmPosted on 3/25/20

    We have all experienced God's love during every phase or breathe in our lives. We just need to recognize that. It is during the tough moments we tune out other distractions, and usually at last resort we focus on the Light that is always shining on us. it is then, that we seem to need that extra burst of peace or wisdom. But actually it is always there for the taking. Why not recognize that love & inner peace all the time and initially, not just as the last resort?

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/25/20

    I have experienced God’s love in the midst of suffering some of my volunteer work at a long term care hospital. It is a place, a community, with many people in what we consider desperate circumstances. Some live permanently on ventilators. Many have greatly diminished physical movement or independence. Some have diminished or impaired mental capacity due to brain damage. To you and me this is a degree of suffering that is not really imaginable. Yet I can assure you that even in such places and among such people there are moments of great grace, humor and courage. I am also reminded, and remind the residents and their families as well that this hospital didn’t “need to be” it came about because our culture, very much under the influence of Christianity believes that human life is a valued gift and the weaker and more dependent among us have a call on the rest of us to do what we can to ensure that they may be able to live as full a life as possible. That their hospital and care exist at all is because others decided that it needed to. This is done at no small, in fact considerable, cost to others since few people there could ever afford to pay for their own care. So caring for them is an act of love on the part of their “neighbors”. Many do not realize this or take it for granted. It is something to ponder as we all work our way through this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Krystyna WardPosted on 3/25/20

    During difficult times I experienced that God's promise, that we are never alone, is very true. Usually my family or friends are messengers of God's love. Sometimes it is difficult to find right words to console a person but even without words we can share time of stress and sadness.

  • John & DeenaPosted on 3/25/20

    God's love is a powerful source of strength during times of suffering, personally and also being strong for others, and knowing that is truth draws us closer to living the life God wants us to.

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