Chapter 5 - My Peace I Give to You - 3rd Question for Careful (Reading p.65)

 What do Jesus’ last words mean (19:30)?

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  • Kathy kPosted on 3/28/20

    Yes I too believe in the concept that Jesus has come full circle redeeming mankind, that He has finished what needed to be done. But also I think it is a beginning as well. I believe I read that John’s gospel is the only one that says Jesus Bowed his head. It’s as if He said - ok this part is finished - I can rest a bit before the new world for mankind begins. A world where sin no longer means permanent condemnation. A new world where repentant hearts are forgiven and restored to the Father. A new world where my Holy Spirit will fill the hearts of mankind and lead them home.

  • bobmPosted on 3/25/20

    The words, " It is Finished" do remind me that God's plan, for us and our being has come full circle. It scares me to think that God has no future plans to intervene like this in our world again. But that now going forward it is all up to us. (even if we have the next advocate, the Spirit, to help us continue with Her plan.

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/24/20

    To me it means the purpose and mission of the Incarnate Word here in the flesh was completed. He had gone to the darkest place of human suffering and abandonment in order the we may have confidence that his “fully human” nature was informed by the experience of true human suffering.In this completion is an act of “divine solidarity” with humanking. In that we can be confident in our own suffering that He has gone before us as well. Also what is accomplished in so “taking on the sin of the world” is lifting off of us the burden in this life and in the life to come of that sin, there since the “The Beginning” in the Garden, that is the path from Eden to Calvary that is “finished” on Golgotha. It has come full circle. Through death, life is restored, freedom to love now, free from slavery the fear of death, and in the life to come where as the Lord told us he has gone to prepare a place for us.

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