Chapter 5 - My Peace I give to You - 1st Questions for Application

What message would Jesus’ crucifixion have communicated to the residents of Jerusalem who witnessed it? How might this message have been different from the view that John conveys?

Here's my take on this question (which I have posted in this way as I am experiencing some tech issues)

The message that the residents of Jerusalem would have taken away from the crucifixion of Jesus was a statement of “just who was in charge here”, who held “worldly power” far as worldly power goes.This theme is really evident in the trial before Pilate.He is concerned about Jesus’ claim of kingship. He takes as somewhat uneasy reassurance from Jesus that HIS Kingdom was not “of this world”. Even so Pilate seems to be a bit spooked by Jesus' subsequent statement  that Pilate has no power of Jesus that had not been given to Pilate “from above”. So the question of “who is in charge” would have been answered one way by the leadership of the Jewish community and the Romans, and very differently by Jesus and subsequently by his disciples, though we can be pretty sure that at the time of the events the disciples also likely thought that the Jewish leaders and the Romans definitely held the power over their life and death. That is why they were afraid, locked behind closed doors. It would not stay that way for long as we will see as the story develops. Also it is important to recall that WE know the end of the story as did the Johannine community whose “testament” of faith this Gospel is. The hearers of these words in the year 95AD would have had no doubt as to who was really “in charge” that day at Calvary!


  • Kathy K.Posted on 3/26/20

    I can’t even imagine the range of emotions they all must have been feeling, especially his disciples. They must have Been heartbroken because they loved him. They must have been completely defeated because they expected Jesus to defeat the Romans, and free them from tyranny. As you said Michael, they were terrified the Romans were coming for them next. All their hopes and dreams were shattered on a cross that represented the worst kind of humiliation and degradation anyone could receive in their time.
    However, John’s message is one of life and hope. Jesus overcame evil and death on that dreaded cross. His death and eventual resurrection was the biggest victory in the history of mankind. Our sins were washed away and our everlasting salvation made secure by one man’s sacrifice on a wooden cross for all mankind.

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/26/20

    Per my comment above you can read about Pilate and Jesus in the 18th and 19th chapters of John. I encourage you to do so. They are among the most dramatic in the New Testament.

  • MJPosted on 3/25/20

    I think the predominant message to the people was that everything is not always what it appears to be. The people are fearful and confused because Jesus cannot save himself from this horrific death.... how then can they trust that he is truly the son of God? They will soon find clarity.

  • Margarita FelicianoPosted on 3/25/20

    The message was one of fear, even Jesus followers were scared, we can see Peter denied Jesus. They were scared to be kill, too.
    John pointed that Jesus carried His own cross, showing us Jesus as the strong Son of God. John wants us to understand that Jesus frees us from death.

  • John & DeenaPosted on 3/25/20

    Our guess is that the people of the day would have seen a clear-cut message about the power of law and who is "running the show" -- if you cross the leadership of the Jews, they might just have the leaders of the civil laws step in and nail you to a cross.
    From John's perspective - and the disciples - the crucifixion serves to show God's law in effect -- that He rules all, even over death.

  • Kathleen ungaroPosted on 3/25/20

    They might have thought that Jesus was not who he said hewas, if he didn't save himself or that God didn't either. They couldn't understand the meaning of what had just happened.
    John conveys what a triumph he accomplished, creating the church, giving the Spirit to his family,
    conquering sin and evil.

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