Chapter 5 - My Peace I Give to You - 1st Question for Careful (Reading p.65)

Why might Pilate have refused to change the inscription on the cross (19:22) ?  (There is no one right answer)

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  • Jack TomasielloPosted on 3/25/20

    Whenever I read this passage, I think that Pilate wants to assert that he is in charge. It seems a mockery, a final act to show what happened to someone who preached his kingdom in a totally new way.

  • Krystyna WardPosted on 3/24/20

    Maybe Pilate was internally conflicted and angry with the high priests that they chose to release Barabbas, the revolutionary over Jesus, for whom he couldn't find any reason to be condemned.

  • Deacon MichaelPosted on 3/24/20

    My sense of it is that Pilate was just being straight forward in the sense of “Hey, you asked for this, you got it.” The Jewish leadership has pressured Pilate to put Jesus to death with the accusation that as Jesus was somehow seditious NOT putting him to death would mean that Pilate was no friend of Caesar's". By crucifying Jesus as the “King of the Jews” Pilate was reinforcing he was in fact a “friend of Caesar in putting down enemies of the Emperor. Read John’s account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate at 18:28 - 19:16. It is packed with clashes of ideas, perceptions, interests and perspectives that are so crucial to this story and the question of the inscription.

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