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Coming in September 

“The Jesus of the Scripture” 

Each Sunday we affirm that “I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God.” ”. In fact some 70 percent of the words of the Creed we recite each Sunday refer to Jesus Christ.  Clearly, belief in Jesus Christ is offered as the foundation of Christian faith.

Nearly all we know about Jesus Christ is found in Christian Scripture which speaks to his identity as prophet, healer, teacher, messiah, and Risen Lord. Starting in September Saint Josephine Bakhita  Bible Study will be offering a 6-part series considering the Lord Jesus Christ as he is found in sacred scripture. Our guide in the exploration will Father Donald Senior a world renown Catholic Bible scholar and teacher with a great gift for making things clear.  

The series begins on Wednesday September 18th  and runs for six weeks. Two identical sessions are offered each week one at 10:00 AM at Saint Elizabeth Seton Church and then again at 7:00 PM at St. James Church. 

All are welcome. NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE OF SCRIPTURE IS REQUIRED. Pre-registration is requested by Sunday September 15th . Please register by signing up on the in the foyer of each church, or calling and leaving a message at 860-529-3222 Ext. 14 or by email (best) at [email protected].